Final Prize Winner

Congratulations to
F. Silva

Full List of Winners

Day 01 (SCICONSPORTS) L. Tenderini
Day 02 (DEDA) N. Moss
Day 03 (GOBIK) O. Aljasmi
Rest Day 01 (ALDAR) M. Bordignon
Day 04 (ELITE) J. Lanaway
Day 05 (MET) E. T. Fernandez
Day 06 (PULSEROLL) Q. Blanc
Day 07 (ADNOC) Y. Hassan
Day 08 (CAMPAGNOLO) R. G. Gutierrez
Day 09 (ENERVIT) H. Ormonde
Rest Day 02 (ETISALAT) J. Kienberger
Day 10 (SCICONSPORTS) V. Soulavy
Day 11 (ELITE) F. Silva
Day 12 (PULSEROLL) M. Cassin
Day 13 (MY WHOOSH) G. Dsouza
Day 14 (FAB) T. Harvey
Day 15 (MET) F. Diana
Rest Day 03 (ADQ) D. Dedominici
Day 16 (PROLOGO) P. Kozlowski
Day 17 (G42) D. Lora
Day 18 (MY WHOOSH) J. Steinmetz
Day 19 (GOBIK) I. Vera
Day 20 (SCICONSPORTS) E. M. Diaz
Day 21 (ELITE) D. Santos

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